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At Mechanical Maxpower Corp. We specialize in offering Preventive and Corrective Maintenance in the Utility Area.

With our experienced personnel and vast resources we are
able to plan and execute a project more effectively and to produce a consistent level of superior quality anywhere on the island.

Our services are focused on providing cost-effective alternatives, while maintaining the highest of quality standards..

Mechanical Maxpower Corp. offers:. 

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Staffing Services

Mechanical Maxpower is a locally-owned company providing staffing services to the leading pharmaceutical companies of Puerto Rico. We combine experience, quality and personalized service to create innovative and state-of-the-art solutions for our customers.

Our specialization is to offer skilled labor for a wide variety of positions. Some of the classifications available are:


Pipe Fitters

Pipe Fabricators



Licensed Plumbers


Tool Keepers


Maintenance Planner

Utilities Maintenance Coordinator



Carpenters Helpers


Equipment Operators

Licensed Electricians




Service Coordinator

Shift Supervisor


Project Clerks

Project Coordinator

Safety Officers

QA/QC Inspectors

Project Schedulers

Project Engineers

Project Managers

Project Directors

Safety & EHS Specialist


“We provide qualified and trained personnel  for the following Jobs:”
Industrial Maintenance

As part of Mechanical Maxpower’s constant pursue of excellence and versatility, we have combined our resourcing and craftsmanship capabilities to offer industrial maintenance services as well. We have different methods to measure our resources performance, in order to accomplish our clients goals.  Also we gather all the information necessary to measure productivity, corrective maintenance and scheduled preventive maintenance. Alternatively, we may also work with our customers to develop customized maintenance programs to better suit their needs.

Mechanical Systems

Piping - carbon steel piping for utilities systems (Steam & Condensate, Chilled Water, Cooling Tower Water, etc.); stainless steel piping for process systems (solvents, product line, etc.) Plastic-lined piping for process (slurry, product transfer, etc.), FRP piping for process and utilities (scrubber systems, process ventilation, etc.), double containment piping and systems for process and utilities (underground piping, fuels, process waste, etc.)

Equipment Setting - rigging and setting in place mechanical process systems components such as pumps, chillers, air handling units, reactors, heat exchangers, boilers, cooling towers, crystallizers, fluid bed dryers, Clean Steam generators, water softeners, De-Ionizations skids, Reversed Osmosis skids, etc.​​

Electrical Systems

Electrical – Mechanical Maxpower also renders a comprehensive package of engineering and electrical application services.

  • Power Distribution –manage installations, start up and trouble shooting of Power Distribution Systems, Protection Relay Panels, such as power panel installation, MCC’s installation, conduit runs and wiring.

  • Lighting – Install and refurbish High Efficiency Automated Lighting Systems, all activities thereof: lighting fixtures installation, controls implementation, conduit runs and wiring.

  • Instrumentation - our instrumentation division works with the verification, calibration, service and maintenance of equipments such as Delta V, Field Bus, Sensing line, Automatic Shaker Shutdown System and Glich; work with drawings, schematics and programming for control panels, PLC’s and device connections. On-site instrument and control panel modification/refurbishment, inspection and testing.

Industrial Mechanic Services
  • Mechanical Seal Repair and Replacement

  • Pump Alignment

  • Bearings replacement

  • Replacing Grease Seals in Agitators

  • Removal of Agitators

  • Valve Replacement and Repair

  • Internal and External Process Tank Polishing

Instrumentation Services
  • Calibration and Control Settings

  • Diagnostic and Preventive Maintenance of Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Flow, Level and PH Instruments

  • Configuration of Intelligent Controllers (PIDs), Valves and Transmitters.

HVAC Services
  • Systems Inspection

  • Fault diagnosis

  • System Repair and Maintenance

  • Systems Installation

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